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Over the last 40 years, Aviation Fabricators and Central Airmotive were created to revolutionize Business Aviation interior parts support. This included customized parts and modifications, certified repairs, and Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts.

OEM Replacement Parts: Central Airmotive is a supplier dedicated to obtaining and supplying new surplus and high quality used inventories of OEM interior products. Our warehouse contains nearly 84,000 square feet of business aviation interior parts; seats, divans, tables, toilets, cabinets, dividers, and more for nearly every business aircraft in the air. Many of our customers had to see it to believe it!

It has been our ultimate goal to provide the industry with a single-location source that has the ability to provide all of those things on a high-quality, value-oriented premise.

FAA-PMA: AvFab is a supplier dedicated to delivering all kinds of interior products and modifications in a very expedient fashion. Many of our clients come to us simply with an idea, which we take from conception to production. The number of products available under Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) has recently exceeded 100, with many more in the research and development department. High-quality merchandise, industry-low lead times, and value-oriented ideas are the essence of our existence.

CRS: AvFab is also our repair and overhaul facility dedicated to providing an outlet for completion centers to send many of the non-supported or neglected interior parts. From seat recline actuators to coffee containers, all repairs are made at our location with exceptional lead-time – often in one or two days. Once again, we listened to people who are involved in the interior industry, and with their help, we identified several areas that were common problems when an aircraft rolled into their facility for work.

PMA, CRS, OEM replacement parts all under one roof: The relationship between these two companies starts with the same ownership, and embraces all of the same quality and customer service ideals. It is our sincere desire to provide you with a solution to your supplier quandary, and we have the companies to prove it. If it is installed on the inside of an airplane, we want to talk to you about it! Thanks for considering our organizations for your interior parts supply center.